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We provide all building services.

Let us visit your property before you make your purchase; check the structure, plumbing, electrics and  the fabric of the building. Are your ideas for the property achievable? We assess the undertaking for you, discuss the possibilities of the property and potential costs.

We can arrange for a chartered surveyor to carry out a full building survey; giving you vital information into the condition of your property. The surveyor will inspect the building for any structural problems, subsidence, major repairs or alterations needed, e.g. roof, chimney or damp issues.

We work closely with many different architects and can recommend the right one to suit you and your designs. Already have an architect? We are happy to work with your architect already leading the project.

For a full structural survey to be carried out, sometimes you need to open up areas of the wall, floor or ceiling to understand the previous structural work and what is necessary to fulfil any new design. Also, we can work out where all existing services run and the integrity of all existing drains. These are not services that a building surveyor can carry out and, in all renovations, this information is critical to the build. Gathering this information prior to any build can reduce overall costs and prevent delays to a building project.

For many building projects and planning applications, it is necessary to have existing and proposed drawings of the property. We can carry out a full measured survey of the property to create the existing drawings. Then, we work with you to design the property to your requirements and taste.

We have best in class experience offering professional design and layout for you and your family. Incorporating function, features and designs which work with the property; from traditional to contemporary. We can assist in the design of all areas of the house, including layouts for bathrooms, kitchens to wardrobes.

As with many designs and alterations of a property, you need to gain planning permission for any works taking place on a listed building or in a conservation area. This includes cosmetic work to restricted areas or extensions to an existing floor plan. We have extensive permissions knowledge in each borough, enabling us to push the boundaries with our designs. With our healthy relationships with planning officers, we can work to achieve the end goal, whilst satisfying all parties.


There is a certain way the local authorities require documents to be submitted. Have your application filled out correctly with the right information so you get the right result. We offer all required drawings, searches and statements to review and accept any planning applications.

The scope of works is a written document detailing all the elements of the build. A detailed project management tool to achieve the end result; outlining an overall timeline schedule and individual project milestones. Full clarity and transparency for everyone involved, in a project, is vital for its smooth running and success.

All properties need to have the correct Mechanical and Electrical systems. Clients have individual requirements for their lifestyle. As there are many ways to automate a property, we can design and install a system to suit your specifications. Full automation is not for everyone and, in those cases, we design for the property with your criteria in mind; making sure you are protected for any future changes. All of our tradesmen are fully certified and can sign off on all work.

With many new designs, there is a need for structural works to take place. It is important to get this right first time. We use fully qualified and accredited engineers to design and calculate all structural requirements for a new layout. We pride ourselves on hiding the structure of a building in the floors, walls and ceilings. Unless, of course, the steel work is an integral feature to the design and, then, our engineers are very sympathetic to this.

All work needs to be signed off by the local authority for all boroughs. This work can be facilitated by the local authority or by a private building control officer. We partner with a private building control company, as they are more flexible to help achieve the required design faster.

Large projects, involving party walls, need an official agreement with your neighbours. These documents are critical for your protection and your neighbours. It is best practice to formalise the process to ensure there are no issues before, during or after the build. Maintaining good relations with your new neighbours and community is very important to us. We work very hard to make sure relationships with neighbours are stronf throughout the build.

Whether you are creating a home for you to live in, to rent or as a development, sometimes it is necessary to be able to visualise what a room or the whole area will look like, before it is built. We create full or part CGI or sketch renditions to assist you or future inhabitants to bring the project to life.

Let us take care of the project every step of the way. Our complete end-to-end service gives the project greater continuity and consistency, especially when dealing with professional and sub-contract parties. We offer a comprehensive package, meaning you can rest assured your every need will prioritised.

With larger projects, it is sometimes necessary to have an independent surveyor to keep an eye on the costs for you. Have peace of mind knowing all costs being submitted are an industry standard, your money is being spent wisely on the right materials and, of course, within your budget.

There are not many issues we have not experienced before. We are lateral thinkers, able to come up with tenable solutions for all problems arising on site, to get the results you are looking for. There are no problems, just solutions.

We partner with many highly acclaimed designers within the industry. We are happy to work with our own or yours. The most important thing is creating the home or commercial property that is right for you.


We work on all builds and renovations of all shapes and sizes. We have several teams covering all practices of a build; each team is selected specifically for each job and client.

Maintenance & Repairs

We have many clients, including clients living abroad, who ask us to look after their houses or flats all year round; taking care of all annual checks and any issues that arise. Be safe in the knowledge we are taking care of things for you. If you just have a one-off job you would like us to look at, we are always happy to pop over, talk you through the issue and give you a quote. Anyway we can help you, we do.