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Commercial Construction.

MRO LTD is a team of bespoke commercial builders in London that specialise in luxury commercial spaces across the UK’s capital city. We understand that every client has unique needs and goals for their workspace or project—and we take those goals seriously. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from initial design through construction to completion and beyond. Our goal is to help you create a space that reflects your vision in every way possible!


Expert commercial builders in London. Delivering excellence by the millimetre.

We are at the forefront of innovation in London's commercial building industry. Our clients receive a service that is personal, expertly tailored, and specifically designed to meet their needs. We believe that the first step in any project is ergonomics: understanding how our clients want to operate. Working with new clients across London and getting to know how they live and/or work is essential for us.

We base our commercial construction projects on a creative collaboration that results in rewarding outcomes. We are commercial builders in London that take the utmost care and precision from inception to completion, with every effort made to simplify and deliver clarity of the whole process for our clients.


Years of commercial building experience in London & surrounding boroughs


London-based builders delivering best in class commercial construction to its clients


Commercial building services in London, simplified.

MRO LTD is a team of builders providing comprehensive building and refurbishment services for offices, shops, restaurants, estate agents, schools, local authorities and other commercial premises in London. With many years of experience in the property development industry and with access to the necessary resources for handling all aspects of construction and maintenance for commercial properties, we are well-positioned to handle any project you might have.

Face-to-Face Meeting
To ensure that we are the right commercial builders in London for your project, we encourage you to schedule an initial meeting. We believe getting to know one another and understanding each other’s objectives, potential hurdles and whether we are a good fit will make the difference in working together and completing a successful commercial construction project in London.

Design Concepts
We work closely with you to develop a detailed brief, a strategy plan, and a budget for the construction project. We also visit your commercial site in London so we can 100% understand it and your vision for the project, as well as outlining concepts & design and finalising them at this stage.

The Build
When our design and technical aspects of the commercial construction project in London are completed, we begin construction. We sign agreements outlining deliverables and timelines for every project. All of our projects receive 100 percent attention until you are completely satisfied, and we guarantee the work for life.

Commercial construction in London, built with precision.

We’re building a better future….

We know how important it is to create an environment that inspires productivity and creativity—and that’s why we take such care with every detail of our commercial designs & building work. We want your employees to love coming to work every day & your clients to embrace their surroundings, even if that means taking extra time to make sure the little touches are just right.

We also know that when you’re working on a tight schedule, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key. That’s why we work closely with our clients to make sure they get exactly what they need while staying within their budget.  We are commercial builders in London you can depend on!

Commercial building services in London.

MRO LTD is a building company specialising in modern and aesthetic commercial construction & renovation. We’re based in London, and we’ve been working on beautiful, efficient commercial projects for our clients for decades.  Below you can find just some of the commercial building services we provide our clients in London, however, if there is anything specific you require, one of the team will be able to advise you further.

Pre Buying Guidance On Commercial Building Services

Pre-Buying Guidance

We offer a pre-acquisition survey of commercial premises, assessing the structure, plumbing, electrics and fabric of the building. We also consider how we might achieve your commercial construction ideas for the property in London. We discuss potential costs with you.

Building Surveys

We can arrange for a professional inspection of your London commercial premises to be conducted. The inspector will assess the structural integrity of the building, including its foundation, roofing and chimney, as well as determine if any repairs or alterations are needed, such as dampness remediation.

commercial building construction london


We work with a variety of commercial architects across London and can recommend one to suit your needs. We can also work with architects you already have leading your project.

Design & Layout

We have best-in-class design & layout specialists.  Incorporating function, features and designs which work with the property; from traditional to contemporary. We can assist in the design of all areas of the house, including layouts for bathrooms, kitchens to wardrobes.

CAD Drawings

For many building projects and planning applications, it is necessary to have existing and proposed drawings of the commercial building. We can carry out a full measured survey of the property to create the existing drawings. Then, we work with you to design the property to your requirements and taste.

Interior Design

We partner with many highly acclaimed designers within the industry. We are happy to work with our own or yours. The most important thing is building the commercial property in London that is right for you.

Commercial Renovations

We work on all builds and renovations of all shapes and sizes. We have several teams covering all practices of a build; each team is selected specifically for each job and client.

commercial building in london

Planning Submission

There is a certain way the local authorities require documents to be submitted. Have your application filled out correctly with the right information so you get the right result. We offer all required drawings, searches and statements to review and accept any planning applications for commercial construction in London.


Working with you to create perfect, commercial building projects in Greater London.

Our years of experience building beautiful commercial spaces in London—along with our dedication to craftsmanship and quality—have earned us an excellent reputation among local business owners. We have extensive knowledge of what it takes to create a bespoke commercial space you will be proud to call your own, which is why we are trusted by so many clients.

Check out some of the work our commercial builders in London have work on.

We pride ourselves on being contactable at all times; before, during and after your commercial construction project.